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UK based EFLEX COMPUTERS offers discounted pricing on branded, reliable and fast computers, laptops, notebook, netbooks throughout UK.

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Refurbished & Used – What’s The Differen

Refurb tech such as refurbished PCs and laptops can be significantly cheaper than new tech, but are there any difference

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8 Tips & Tricks For iPads

On the 3rd of April 2010 the world changed forever; the first iPad was released. Now over eight years later there are nu

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Refurbished iPads – What To Look For

Here at Eflex Computers, we refurbish a wide range of refurb tech products including refurbished desktop computers from

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Refurb Computers; Shining The Light On 3

Some people feel uncomfortable with the idea of purchasing a refurbished laptop or desktop computer; however there are n

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