Repair Service

As well as selling a wide range of refurbished laptops, we can also perform a wide range of repairs on almost any laptop. Just drop in with your request any time and we can give you an assessment free of charge. All repairs done by us carry a 3 month warranty


Smashed Screens

We can replace almost any laptop display with prices starting from just £50 (depending on the cost of the replacement screen. Please contact us with your model number for a quote). Whether something is not quite right, the screen is displaying strange ghost images or flickering, or even if it's just plain smashed our experienced technicians can get your laptop screen repaired in almost every case, and if we can't find a replacement or for some other reason can't repair it you don't pay a penny! In many cases our screen replacement service offers an excellent low-cost alternative to buying a new laptop

Hard Drive Upgrade to SSD

Why not turbocharge your laptop by replacing the hard drive with a high performance solid state drive? Solid state drives, or SSDs, contain no moving parts, allowing them to load programs much faster, and reduce noise and power consumption which can even increase your battery life. Almost any laptop or PC which doesn't have one can benefit enormously from upgrading to an SSD, and our experienced technicians can transfer all your software and data over to the new drive for you taking all hassle out of the process.

General Repairs and Troubleshooting

At Eflex Computers we have years of experience in troubleshooting and fixing laptops and PCs of all kinds. Whether the fault is caused by RAM, hard drive, corrupted software, viruses, faulty graphics chips, overheating, a motherboard fault or anything else, there are few problems which we can't identify or fix. And of course in most cases we won't charge at all to diagnose a fault, unless it involves extensive testing in which case we will let you know beforehand